14th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
DAFx-11 September 19-23, 2011 Paris, France


► DAFx-11 Program


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Social satellite events

DAFx-11 Scientific program


►Monday 2011/09/19

Tutorials: New Mathematical Tools for Audio Signal Processing

1.00PM — Tutorial 1 (Espace de projection)

Introduction to Volterra series and applications to physical audio signal processing
Thomas Hélie (CNRS-IRCAM, France)

2.30PM — Tutorial 2 (Espace de projection)

Music source separation
Emmanuel Vincent (INRIA-Metiss, France)

4.00PM — Tutorial 3 (Espace de projection)

Applications of Information Geometry to Audio Signal Processing
Arshia Cont, Arnaud Dessein (IRCAM, France)

6.00PM — Presentation of the musical work on “Wunder der Schöpfung” (Espace de Projection)

8.30PM — Concert (Auditorium, Le Louvre Museum)

Wunder der Schöpfung, (Germany, 1925, 92 minutes) – Silent film by Hanns Walter Kornblum – Musical creation by Andrea Agostini, commissioned by the musée du Louvre

►Tuesday 2011/09/20

8.45AM — Welcome Talk (Espace de projection)

9.00AM — Keynote 1 (Espace de projection)

Pitch-based Digital Audio Effects
Udo Zölzer

10.00AM — Oral Session 1: Capture, and Analysis of Audio Signals (Espace de projection)

Microphone Interference Reduction in Live Sound [#6]
Alice Clifford, Josh Reiss

The Image-Source Reverberation Model in an N-Dimensional Space [#17]
Stephen McGovern

Poster Presentations

10.50AM — Coffee break/ Poster Session 1 (level -2)

Computationally Efficient Hammond Organ Synthesis [#49]
Jussi Pekonen, Tapani Pihlajamäki, Vesa Välimäki

Structured sparsity for audio signals [#51]
Kai Siedenburg, Monika Dörfler

Modeling of the Carbon Microphone Nonlinearity for a Vintage Telephone Sound Effect [#54]
Sami Oksanen, Vesa Välimäki

11.20AM — Oral Session 2: Virtual Analog Models (Espace de projection)

Physical Modelling of a Wah-wah Effect Pedal as a Case Study for Application of the Nodal DK Method to Circuits with Variable Parts [#21]
Martin Holters, Udo Zölzer

Automated Calibration of a Parametric Spring Reverb Model [#39]
Hannes Gamper, Julian Parker, Vesa Välimäki

Lyapunov Stability Analysis of the Moog Ladder Filter and Dissipativity Aspects in Numerical Solutions [#84]
Thomas Hélie

Poster Presentations

12.40AM — Lunch / Poster Session 2 (level -2)

A Preliminary Study on Sound Delivery Methods for Footstep Sounds [#1]
Luca Turchet, Stefania Serafin

Simulation of a Vacuum-Tube Push-Pull Guitar Power Amplifier [#5]
Jaromir Macak, Jiri Schimmel

Analysis and Trans-synthesis of Acoustic Bowed-String Instrument Recordings: a Case Study using Bach Cello Suites [#11]
Yin-Lin Chen, Tien-Ming Wang, Wei-Hsiang Liao, Alvin Su

DHM and FDTD based Hardware Sound Field Simulation Acceleration [#13]
Yasushi Inoguchi, Tan Yiyu, Yukinori Sato, Makoto Otani, Yukio Iwaya

Sinusoid Extraction and Salience Function Design for Predominant Melody Estimation [#14]
Justin Salamon, Emilia Gómez, Jordi Bonada

2.15PM — Star Paper 1 (Espace de projection)

Sparse Atomic Modeling of Audio: a Review [#79]
Corey Kereliuk, Philippe Depalle

2.45PM — Oral Session 3: Audio Representation / Modeling (Espace de projection)

Constructing an invertible constant-Q transform with nonstationary Gabor frames [#47]
Gino Angelo Velasco, Nicki Holighaus, Monika Dörfler, Thomas Grill

Multiresolution STFT Phase Estimation with Frame-Wise Posterior Window-Length Decision [#9]
Volker Gnann, Martin Spiertz

Sound Analysis and Synthesis Adaptive in Time and Two Frequency Bands [#89]
Marco Liuni, Peter Balazs, Axel Roebel

Poster Presentations

4.00PM — Coffee break / Poster Session 3 (level -2)

Exponential Frequency Modulation Bandwidth Criterion for Virtual Analog Applications [#60]
Joseph Timoney, Victor Lazzarini

Towards Ontological Representations of Digital Audio Effects [#64]
Thomas Wilmering, György Fazekas, Mark B. Sandler

Identification of Time-frequency Maps for sounds timbre discrimination [#65]
Olivero Anaïk

4.30PM — Oral Session 4: Audio Indexing (Espace de projection)

Combining classifications based on local and global features: application to singer identification [#75]
Lise Régnier, Geoffroy Peeters

Enhanced Beat Tracking with Context-Aware Neural Networks [#31]
Sebastian Böck, Markus Schedl

On the Use of Perceptual Properties for Melody Estimation [#68]
Wei-Hsiang Liao, Alvin. Wen-Yu Su, Chunghsin Yeh, Axel Roebel

6.30PM — IRCAM Team Presentation (Espace de projection)

Perception and Sound Design Team
Patrick Susini

Musical Representations Team
Gérard Assayag

7.30PM — Wave Filed Synthesis (WFS) Demonstration (Espace de projection)

8.00PM — Welcome Reception – Cocktail (level -2)

►Wednesday 2011/09/21

9.00AM — Keynote 2 (Espace de projection)

Recent developments in signal processing editing and visualization
David Zicarreli

10.00AM — Oral Session 5: Audio Coding / Transmission (Espace de projection)

Black Box methodology for the characterization of Sample Rate Conversion systems [#4]
Stéphan Tassart

Optimal Filter Partitions for Real-Time FIR Filtering using Uniformly-Partitioned FFT-based Convolution in the Frequency-Domain [#74]
Frank Wefers, Michael Vorländer

Poster Presentations

10.50AM — Coffee break/ Poster Session 4 (level -2)

A Simple Digital Model of the Diode-Based Ring-Modulator [#66]
Julian Parker

Gestural Auditory and Visual Interactive Platform [#69]
Baptiste Caramiaux, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Tifanie Bouchara, Gaetan Parseihian, Marc Rébillat

Time-Variant Delay Effects based on Recurrence Plots [#70]
Taemin Cho, Jon Forsyth, Laewoo Kang, Juan Bello

11.20AM — Oral Session 6: Capture, Analysis, and Synthesis of Acoustic Fields/ Spatial Sounds (Espace de projection)

A Sound Localization based Interface for Real-Time Control of Audio Processing [#33]
Daniele Salvati, Sergio Canazza, Antonio Rodà

Similarity-based Sound Source Localization with a Coincident Microphone Array [#56]
Karl Freiberger, Alois Sontacchi

A Comparison of Analysis and Resynthesis Methods for Directional Segmentation of Stereo Audio [#93]
Jeremy Wells

Poster Presentations

12.40AM — Lunch / Poster Session 5 (level -2)

FAUST-STK: a set of linear and nonlinear physical models for the FAUST programming language [#20]
Romain Michon, Julius Orion III Smith

Analysis and Simulation of an Analog Guitar Compressor [#22]
Oliver Kröning, Kristjan Dempwolf, Udo Zölzer

A Single-Azimuth Pinna-Related Transfer Function Database [#23]
Simone Spagnol, Marko Hiipakka, Ville Pulkki

FAUST Architectures Design and OSC Support [#29]
Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey, Stéphane Letz

A Grammar for Analyzing and Optimizing Audio Graphs [#35]
Vesa Norilo

2.15PM — Star Paper 2 (Espace de projection)

State of the Art in Sound Texture Synthesis [#30]
Diemo Schwarz

2.45PM — Oral Session 7: Audio Synthesis / Transformation (Espace de projection)

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis [#55]
Jari Kleimola, Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney, Vesa Välimäki

Non-Parallel Singing-Voice Conversion by Phoneme-based Mapping and Covariance Approximation [#43]
Fernando Villavicencio, Hideki Kenmochi

Application of non-negative matrix factorization to signal-adaptive audio effects [#67]
Ryan Sarver, Anssi Klapuri

Poster Presentations

4.00PM Coffee break / Poster Session 6 (level -2)

Block Processing Strategies for Computationally Efficient Dynamic Range Controllers [#72]
German Ramos

A Physically-motivated Triode Model for Circuit Simulations [#76]
Kristjan Dempwolf, Udo Zölzer

A Simple and Efficient Fader Estimator for Broadcast Radio Unmixing [#97]
Mathieu Ramona, Gaël Richard

4.30PM — Oral Session 8: Audio Synthesis / Transformation (Espace de projection)

PVSOLA: A Phase Vocoder with Synchronized OverLap-Add [#57]
Alexis Moinet, Thierry Dutoit

Vivos Voco: A survey of recent research on voice transformations at IRCAM [#58]
Pierre Lanchantin, Snorre Farner, Christophe Veaux, Gilles Degottex, Nicolas Obin, Grégory Beller, Fernando Villavicencio, Thomas Hueber, Diemo Schwarz, Stephan Huber, Geoffroy Peeters, Axel Roebel, Xavier Rodet

Efficient Polynomial Implementation of the EMS VCS3 Filter Model [#99]
Stefano Zambon, Federico Fontana

5.30PM DAFx Meeting (Shannon Room)


7.00PM Visit of the Centre Pompidou Musuem (Centre Pompidou)

►Thursday 2011/09/22

9.00AM — Keynote 3 (Espace de projection)

Fourier + 200
Patrick Flandrin

10.00AM — Oral Session 9: Interaction (Espace de projection)

Interaction-optimized Sound Database Representation [#41]
Ianis Lallemand, Diemo Schwarz

Realtime system for backing vocal harmonization [#52]
Adrian von dem Knesebeck, Sebastian Kraft, Udo Zölzer

Poster Presentations

10.50AM — Coffee break/ Poster Session 7 (level -2)

Phantom Source Widening With Deterministic Frequency Dependent Time Delays [#85]

Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank, Georgios Marentakis, Alois Sontacchi

Implementing Real-Time Partitioned Convolution Algorithms on Conventional Operating Systems [#90]
Eric Battenberg, Rimas Avizienis

Transforming Vibrato Extend in Monophonic Sounds [#91]
Axel Roebel, Simon Maller, Javier Contreras

11.20AM — Oral Session 10: Physical Models and Virtual Musical Instruments (Espace de projection)

Harpsichord Sound Synthesis using a Physical Plectrum Model Interfaced with the Digital Waveguide [#24]
Chao-Yu Jack Perng, Julius Smith, Thomas Rossing

Modelling of Brass Instrument Valves [#48]
Stefan Bilbao

Physical Model of the String-Fret Interaction [#96]
Gianpaolo Evangelista

Poster Presentations

12.40AM Lunch / Poster Session 8 (level -2)

A High-Rate Data Hiding Technique for Audio Signals based on INTMDCT Quantization [#34]
Jonathan Pinel, Laurent Girin

Mapping blowing pressure and sound features in recorder playing [#37]
Leny Vinceslas, Francisco Garcia, Alfonso Peréz, Esteban Maestre

Nonlinear Allpass Ladder Filters in FAUST [#38]
Julius Smith, Romain Michon

* A Csound Opcode for a Triode Stage of a Vacuum Tube Amplifier [#42]
Marco Fink, Rudolf Rabenstein

Generalized Reassignment with an Adaptive Polynomial-Phase Fourier Kernel for the Estimation of Non-Stationary Sinusoidal Parameters [#45]
Saso Musevic, Jordi Bonada

2.15PM — Star Paper 3 (Espace de projection)

Signal Reconstruction from STFT magnitude : a State of the Art [#27]
Nicolas Sturmel, Laurent Daudet

2.45PM — Oral Session 11: Audio Representation / Modeling (Espace de projection)

Modal analysis of impact sounds with ESPRIT in Gabor transforms [#61]
Adrien Sirdey, Olivier Derrien, Richard Kronland-Martinet, Mitsuko Aramaki

A Parametric Model of Piano Tuning [#53]
François Rigaud, Bertrand David, Laurent Daudet

Audio De-Thumping using Huang s Empirical Mode Decomposition [#80]
Paulo Antonio Andrade Esquef, Guilherme Sausen Welter

Poster Presentations

4.00PM Coffee break / Poster Session 9 (level -2)

Generation of Non-repetitive Everyday Impact Sounds for Interactive Applications [#92]
Wasim Ahmad, Ahmet Kondoz

Synchronization of intonation adjustments in violin duets: towards an objective evaluation of musical interaction [#83]
Panagiotis Papiotis, Esteban Maestre, Marco Marchini, Alfonso Peréz

GMM supervector for Content Based Music Similarity [#98]
Christophe Charbuillet, Damien Tardieu, Geoffroy Peeters

4.30PM — Oral Session 12: Audio Indexing (Espace de projection)

Automatic Alignment of Audio Occurrences: Application to the Verification and Synchronization of Audio Fingerprinting Annotation [#94]
Mathieu Ramona, Geoffroy Peeters

Multi-Probe Histograms: A Mid-Level Harmonic Feature for Music Structure Segmentation [#71]
Florian Kaiser, Thomas Sikora

Production Effect: Audio Features for Recording Techniques Description and Decade Prediction [#95]
Damien Tardieu, Emmanuel Deruty, Christophe Charbuillet, Geoffroy Peeters

5.30PM Closing and Next DAFx edition  (Espace de projection)

7.00PM Gala Dinner (River Boat on the Seine)

Boarding: Quai Henri IV  7.00 PM

►Friday 2011/09/23

9.00AM — Satelitte Workshop 1 (Stravinsky Room)

Versatile Sound Models for Interaction in Audio-Graphic Virtual Environments: Control of Audio-graphic Sound Synthesis
Roland Cahen, Diemo Schwarz, Hui Ding

9.00AM — Satelitte Workshop 2 (Shannon Room)

Modalys, a physical synthesizer: more than twenty years of researches developments and musical uses
Nicolas Ellis, Joel Bensoam, Jean Lochard, René Caussé

2.00PM — Satelitte Workshop 3 (Stravinsky Room)

From ASA to CASA, what does this C stands for anyway ?
Mathieu Lagrange, Luis Gustavo Martins