14th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
DAFx-11 September 19-23, 2011 Paris, France


► DAFx-11 Proceedings

DAFx-11 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-2-95403-510-9
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►Keynote 1

Udo Zölzer – Pitch-based Digital Audio Effects

►Oral Session 1: Capture, and Analysis of Audio Signals

Alice Clifford, Josh ReissMicrophone Interference Reduction in Live Sound [#6]

Stephen McGovern – The Image-Source Reverberation Model in an N-Dimensional Space [#17]

►Poster Session 1

Jussi Pekonen, Tapani Pihlajamäki, Vesa Välimäki – Computationally Efficient Hammond Organ Synthesis [#49]

Kai Siedenburg, Monika Dörfler – Structured sparsity for audio signals [#51]

Sami Oksanen, Vesa Välimäki – Modeling of the Carbon Microphone Nonlinearity for a Vintage Telephone Sound Effect [#54]

►Oral Session 2: Virtual Analog Models

Martin Holters, Udo Zölzer – Physical Modelling of a Wah-wah Effect Pedal as a Case Study for Application of the Nodal DK Method to Circuits with Variable Parts [#21]

Hannes Gamper, Julian Parker, Vesa Välimäki – Automated Calibration of a Parametric Spring Reverb Model [#39]

Thomas Hélie – Lyapunov Stability Analysis of the Moog Ladder Filter and Dissipativity Aspects in Numerical Solutions [#84]

►Poster Session 2

Luca Turchet, Stefania Serafin – A Preliminary Study on Sound Delivery Methods for Footstep Sounds [#1]

Jaromir Macak, Jiri Schimmel – Simulation of a Vacuum-Tube Push-Pull Guitar Power Amplifier [#5]

Yin-Lin Chen, Tien-Ming Wang, Wei-Hsiang Liao, Alvin Su – Analysis and Trans-synthesis of Acoustic Bowed-String Instrument Recordings: a Case Study using Bach Cello Suites [#11]

Yasushi Inoguchi, Tan Yiyu, Yukinori Sato, Makoto Otani, Yukio Iwaya – DHM and FDTD based Hardware Sound Field Simulation Acceleration [#13]

Justin Salamon, Emilia Gómez, Jordi Bonada – Sinusoid Extraction and Salience Function Design for Predominant Melody Estimation [#14]

►Star Paper 1

Corey Kereliuk, Philippe Depalle – Sparse Atomic Modeling of Audio: a Review [#79]

►Oral Session 3: Audio Representation / Modeling

BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD – GOLD: Gino Angelo Velasco, Nicki Holighaus, Monika Dörfler, Thomas Grill – Constructing an invertible constant-Q transform with nonstationary Gabor frames

Volker Gnann, Martin Spiertz – Multiresolution STFT Phase Estimation with Frame-Wise Posterior Window-Length Decision [#9]

Marco Liuni, Peter Balazs, Axel Roebel – Sound Analysis and Synthesis Adaptive in Time and Two Frequency Bands [#89]

►Poster Session 3

Joseph Timoney, Victor Lazzarini – Exponential Frequency Modulation Bandwidth Criterion for Virtual Analog Applications [#60]

Thomas Wilmering, György Fazekas, Mark B. Sandler – Towards Ontological Representations of Digital Audio Effects [#64]

Olivero Anaïk – Identification of Time-frequency Maps for sounds timbre discrimination [#65]

►Oral Session 4: Audio Indexing

Lise Régnier, Geoffroy Peeters – Combining classifications based on local and global features: application to singer identification [#75]

Sebastian Böck, Markus Schedl – Enhanced Beat Tracking with Context-Aware Neural Networks [#31]

Wei-Hsiang Liao, Alvin. Wen-Yu Su, Chunghsin Yeh, Axel Roebel – On the Use of Perceptual Properties for Melody Estimation [#68]

►Keynote 2 (Espace de projection)

David Zicarreli – Recent developments in signal processing editing and visualization

►Oral Session 5: Audio Coding / Transmission

Stéphan Tassart – Black Box methodology for the characterization of Sample Rate Conversion systems [#4]

Frank Wefers, Michael Vorländer – Optimal Filter Partitions for Real-Time FIR Filtering using Uniformly-Partitioned FFT-based Convolution in the Frequency-Domain [#74]

►Poster Session 4 (level -2)

Julian Parker – A Simple Digital Model of the Diode-Based Ring-Modulator [#66]

Baptiste Caramiaux, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Tifanie Bouchara, Gaetan Parseihian, Marc Rébillat – Gestural Auditory and Visual Interactive Platform [#69]

Taemin Cho, Jon Forsyth, Laewoo Kang, Juan Bello – Time-Variant Delay Effects based on Recurrence Plots [#70]

►Oral Session 6: Capture, Analysis, and Synthesis of Acoustic Fields/ Spatial Sounds

Daniele Salvati, Sergio Canazza, Antonio Rodà – A Sound Localization based Interface for Real-Time Control of Audio Processing [#33]

Karl Freiberger, Alois Sontacchi – Similarity-based Sound Source Localization with a Coincident Microphone Array [#56]

Jeremy Wells – A Comparison of Analysis and Resynthesis Methods for Directional Segmentation of Stereo Audio [#93]

►Poster Session 5

Romain Michon, Julius Orion III Smith – FAUST-STK: a set of linear and nonlinear physical models for the FAUST programming language [#20]

Oliver Kröning, Kristjan Dempwolf, Udo Zölzer – Analysis and Simulation of an Analog Guitar Compressor [#22]

Simone Spagnol, Marko Hiipakka, Ville Pulkki – A Single-Azimuth Pinna-Related Transfer Function Database [#23]

Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey, Stéphane Letz – FAUST Architectures Design and OSC Support [#29]

Vesa Norilo – A Grammar for Analyzing and Optimizing Audio Graphs [#35]

►Star Paper 2

Diemo Schwarz – State of the Art in Sound Texture Synthesis [#30]

►Oral Session 7: Audio Synthesis / Transformation

BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD – SILVER: Jari Kleimola, Victor Lazzarini, Joseph Timoney, Vesa Välimäki – Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis [#55]

Fernando Villavicencio, Hideki Kenmochi – Non-Parallel Singing-Voice Conversion by Phoneme-based Mapping and Covariance Approximation [#43]

Ryan Sarver, Anssi Klapuri – Application of non-negative matrix factorization to signal-adaptive audio effects [#67]

►Poster Session 6

German Ramos – Block Processing Strategies for Computationally Efficient Dynamic Range Controllers [#72]

Kristjan Dempwolf, Udo Zölzer – A Physically-motivated Triode Model for Circuit Simulations [#76]

Mathieu Ramona, Gaël Richard – A Simple and Efficient Fader Estimator for Broadcast Radio Unmixing [#97]

►Oral Session 8: Audio Synthesis / Transformation

BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD – BRONZE: Alexis Moinet, Thierry Dutoit – PVSOLA: A Phase Vocoder with Synchronized OverLap-Add [#57]

Pierre Lanchantin, Snorre Farner, Christophe Veaux, Gilles Degottex, Nicolas Obin, Grégory Beller, Fernando Villavicencio, Thomas Hueber, Diemo Schwarz, Stephan Huber, Geoffroy Peeters, Axel Roebel, Xavier Rodet – Vivos Voco: A survey of recent research on voice transformations at IRCAM [#58]

Stefano Zambon, Federico Fontana – Efficient Polynomial Implementation of the EMS VCS3 Filter Model [#99]

►Keynote 3

Patrick Flandrin – Fourier + 200

►Oral Session 9: Interaction

Ianis Lallemand, Diemo Schwarz – Interaction-optimized Sound Database Representation [#41]

Adrian von dem Knesebeck, Sebastian Kraft, Udo Zölzer – Realtime system for backing vocal harmonization [#52]

►Poster Session 7

Franz Zotter, Matthias Frank, Georgios Marentakis, Alois Sontacchi – Phantom Source Widening With Deterministic Frequency Dependent Time Delays [#85]

Eric Battenberg, Rimas Avizienis – Implementing Real-Time Partitioned Convolution Algorithms on Conventional Operating Systems [#90]

Axel Roebel, Simon Maller, Javier Contreras – Transforming Vibrato Extend in Monophonic Sounds [#91]

►Oral Session 10: Physical Models and Virtual Musical Instruments

Chao-Yu Jack Perng, Julius Smith, Thomas Rossing – Harpsichord Sound Synthesis using a Physical Plectrum Model Interfaced with the Digital Waveguide [#24]

Stefan Bilbao – Modelling of Brass Instrument Valves [#48]

Gianpaolo Evangelista – Physical Model of the String-Fret Interaction [#96]

►Poster Session 8

Jonathan Pinel, Laurent Girin – A High-Rate Data Hiding Technique for Audio Signals based on INTMDCT Quantization [#34]

Leny Vinceslas, Francisco Garcia, Alfonso Peréz, Esteban Maestre – Mapping blowing pressure and sound features in recorder playing [#37]

Julius Smith, Romain Michon – Nonlinear Allpass Ladder Filters in FAUST [#38]

Marco Fink, Rudolf Rabenstein – A Csound Opcode for a Triode Stage of a Vacuum Tube Amplifier [#42]

Saso Musevic, Jordi Bonada – Generalized Reassignment with an Adaptive Polynomial-Phase Fourier Kernel for the Estimation of Non-Stationary Sinusoidal Parameters [#45]

►Star Paper 3

Nicolas Sturmel, Laurent Daudet – Signal Reconstruction from STFT magnitude : a State of the Art [#27]

►Oral Session 11: Audio Representation / Modeling

Adrien Sirdey, Olivier Derrien, Richard Kronland-Martinet, Mitsuko Aramaki – Modal analysis of impact sounds with ESPRIT in Gabor transforms [#61]

François Rigaud, Bertrand David, Laurent Daudet – A Parametric Model of Piano Tuning [#53]

Paulo Antonio Andrade Esquef, Guilherme Sausen Welter – Audio De-Thumping using Huang s Empirical Mode Decomposition [#80]

►Poster Session 9

Wasim Ahmad, Ahmet Kondoz – Generation of Non-repetitive Everyday Impact Sounds for Interactive Applications [#92]

Panagiotis Papiotis, Esteban Maestre, Marco Marchini, Alfonso Peréz – Synchronization of intonation adjustments in violin duets: towards an objective evaluation of musical interaction [#83]

Christophe Charbuillet, Damien Tardieu, Geoffroy Peeters – GMM supervector for Content Based Music Similarity [#98]

►Oral Session 12: Audio Indexing

Mathieu Ramona, Geoffroy Peeters – Automatic Alignment of Audio Occurrences: Application to the Verification and Synchronization of Audio Fingerprinting Annotation [#94]

Florian Kaiser, Thomas Sikora – Multi-Probe Histograms: A Mid-Level Harmonic Feature for Music Structure Segmentation [#71]

Damien Tardieu, Emmanuel Deruty, Christophe Charbuillet, Geoffroy Peeters – Production Effect: Audio Features for Recording Techniques Description and Decade Prediction [#95]

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